sorry it's been so long!

work in progress..

Hi, i am so terribly sorry for the absence! My journaling seems to go in waves. Spring has sprung and with it a plethora of creativity, which has also inspired me to start blogging again. I will do my very best to keep up to date, even if it's just a picture or two.

There are lots of exciting things coming soon to Genevieve Graham Clothing, new pieces will be posted this week as well as in the coming weeks. I have been doing a lot of tactile details for spring/summer. Dyeing, weaving, macrame, and as of late i began carving. This piece is an in progress shot of a black kyanite stone which i sculpted and carved epoxy clay around it and a brass ring to make it look as if the stone has grown around the ring. I feel it has a bit of an ocean-y, mussel, barnacle thing going on. Very scientific description, i know. I am looking forward to sharing the new work coming out of the studio with you over the next coming weeks. Happy Spring!

love and light,


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