Quartz and Metal is a series of necklaces joining the unadulterated magnetism of raw crystals with the polished refinement of metal. All crystals are carefully hand picked by Genevieve, paying close attention to the colour, shape, and energy of each stone. In addition to choosing the crystals, she drills each by hand, being mindful of details like air bubbles and rainbows within the stone. These bewitching statement pieces look and feel extraordinary when worn or hanging in your home.

This particular piece is handcrafted with moon quartz, which is quartz that has been clouded by water. It has a striking and unusual silver, blue-grey colour, with an opalescent sheen. The crystal has been set in a brass ring and hangs from a brass chain. 

Materials- quartz, brass and clear resin

Price: $195   

Currently Unavailable


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