This otherworldly piece is handcrafted using Petrified wood and brass. Petrified wood is an enticing and powerful stone created by fossilization. During this process all organic matter is replaced with minerals, such as quartz, opal, agate and jasper. The petrified wood used for these pieces is from Madagascar and are fossilized Araucaria trees from the Triassic period, which dates them as approximately 220 million years old. This stone is grounding and can give a sense of connectedness to the earth. It is a beautiful reminder that matter is continually changing from one form to another. The petrified wood in this piece is anchored to a half moon brass ring and hangs from strands of faceted gold and bronze coloured chain.

Materials- petrified wood, brass, mixed base metal chain (non allergenic) and resin.

Price: $220

This necklace is currently available in the SHOP.

Each necklace is made by Genevieve Graham. Due to the nature of creating all works completely by hand each piece will differ slightly from what is shown, ensuring that each is one-of-a-kind.


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