Gathering her inspiration from the always thought-provoking Rorschach test, Genevieve has used an involved process of removing colour, draping and hand sewing to create this standout piece. The dress begins with the process of creating the center detail. This is done by applying a colour remover drop by drop, with a syringe, down the middle of the fabric, it is then folded, creating the completely unique Rorschach inspired design. Lastly, heat is used to control the varying levels of colour change, adding layers of depth to the design. The piece is then hand draped and hand sewn using a needle and thread, the only portion which is machine sewn is the top yoke (the area which contains the neck and armholes). The back closure has a series of buttons and loops and the fabric of this piece is rayon, chosen for it's similarity to silk but greater wearability.

Price: $2280

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