apophyllite with stilbite AND DISTRESSED RING NECKLACE

This piece is made using apophyllite with stilbite, chosen for it's complex beauty and ability to bring feelings of joy and love. The crystal is set  within a metal ring which has been distressed by hand. Every stone is carefully picked by Genevieve, being mindful of the shape, colour and energy. She also drills each by hand after deciding where the stone will be set. This soft, feminine yet raw necklace is perfect for everyday wear.

Materials- apophyllite/stilbite, distressed metal ring, resin and waxed cotton cord

Price: $110   

This necklace is currently available in the SHOP.

Each necklace is made by Genevieve Graham. Due to the nature of creating all works completely by hand each piece will differ slightly from what is shown, ensuring that each is one-of-a-kind.


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