This cozy, versatile scarf is the quintessential accessory for any season. This piece is made from 100% linen and is hand dyed using the resist method, shibori. For the shibori, the fabric is folded, bound and placed within a dye vat. The process of folding and binding is repeated numerous times, changing the colour of the dye with each immersion. For this piece natural dyes cutch, lac, logwood and iron are used, which create warm, earthy tones. The scarf is cut into an extra large, asymmetrical shape which allows it to be worn wrapped, draped and also as a shawl.

Price: $285  

Fabric: hand dyed linen

Colour: brown and blue-grey (first three photos are a true representation of the colour)

Custom colours are available upon request. We can dye most earth toned hues

Currently Unavailable



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