the garden

My garden has been giving me the greatest amount of inspiration and joy these days. My favourite part of the day is my morning ritual of taking my coffee down into the garden and checking on everything to see the nights progress, (i find the plants go crazy during the night and seem to double in size by the morning).

I love getting my hands in the soil. I love the way my dirt stained hands look and smell. In a world of chaos and stress my garden calms me, makes me feel like i am doing something important. I can't think of anything more important than nourishing my family and friends, especially with food that i've grown.

Only one month in and the garden is going nuts! I have just begun harvesting, yesterday it was kale and today Hungarian peppers. This morning i noticed my cucumber beginning to flower, so looking forward to eating those! Here's some shots of the harvest..


baby beets

my broccoli! 

garden greens

hungarian peppers!

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