sorry it's been so long!

work in progress..

Hi, i am so terribly sorry for the absence! My journaling seems to go in waves. Spring has sprung and with it a plethora of creativity, which has also inspired me to start blogging again. I will do my very best to keep up to date, even if it's just a picture or two.

There are lots of exciting things coming soon to Genevieve Graham Clothing, new pieces will be posted this week as well as in the coming weeks. I have been doing a lot of tactile details for spring/summer. Dyeing, weaving, macrame, and as of late i began carving. This piece is an in progress shot of a black kyanite stone which i sculpted and carved epoxy clay around it and a brass ring to make it look as if the stone has grown around the ring. I feel it has a bit of an ocean-y, mussel, barnacle thing going on. Very scientific description, i know. I am looking forward to sharing the new work coming out of the studio with you over the next coming weeks. Happy Spring!

love and light,


new for the holiday season

'the little black dress'

Hello! I've been really terrible at keeping my journal up to date lately, i do apologize! Life is busy and there is always so much going on. I do dream of a simpler life at times, the city can get a little nuts, even in our little hideaway. As a side note, if you would like to see the coming and goings of Genevieve Graham Clothing a bit more often you can always follow on instagram, i'm much better with the immediacy of that medium. Haha. Here is the link if you would like to follow-

Now that that is out of the way, i'm writing to let you know there are a few new things coming next week for the holiday season. I've been working hard on new jewelry, like the black kyanite knuckle duster pictured below, perfect for gifts! There will also be my newest 'little black dress' (above) which will be a definite eye catcher at holiday parties.

I hope you all enjoy these last weeks of fall as we head into the darkness of winter and the glitter of Christmas. Promise it won't be so long before i again write.

Light and love,


black kyanite knuckle duster


The brown + blue grey scarves are flying! We will have new colours available very soon. Shown here is the reverse shibori option. This is done by removing the colour from black linen, which turns it a mix of navy, grey and white. There is also an indigo option that will be available. Lots of beautiful hues being dyed in the studio these days. Check back soon to see the new scarves!


happy october

Happy first day of October! This is most definitely my favourite month of the year. Don't get me wrong, i love summer, like really love, but there is something so undeniably magical and mystical about this Autumn month. I mean, who doesn't love stews, soups, fires, hikes through forest paths covered in leaves, warm apple cider + rum, thanksgiving, halloween, that smell in the air that only October has? Not to mention the clothes! Big wool sweaters, the return of your cowichan that's been locked away all summer, wooly tights, gumboots, layering, and of course, big, cozy scarves :)

Enjoy this beautiful month.


dye day

I love using natural dyes, there is something very old world feeling about them. Using them brings out my witchy-ness, makes me feel connected to the earth. It's one of my favourite things, standing over a large pot filled with herbs and fabric, bubbling away, watching the fabric colour change from white to some earthy hue. It's days like this that make me love my job. I am using logwood, lac, cutch, iron and black tea to dye linen for cozy, oversized, draped fall scarves. They will be up on the SHOP soon!



natural dyes and supplies for shibori

the garden

My garden has been giving me the greatest amount of inspiration and joy these days. My favourite part of the day is my morning ritual of taking my coffee down into the garden and checking on everything to see the nights progress, (i find the plants go crazy during the night and seem to double in size by the morning).

I love getting my hands in the soil. I love the way my dirt stained hands look and smell. In a world of chaos and stress my garden calms me, makes me feel like i am doing something important. I can't think of anything more important than nourishing my family and friends, especially with food that i've grown.

Only one month in and the garden is going nuts! I have just begun harvesting, yesterday it was kale and today Hungarian peppers. This morning i noticed my cucumber beginning to flower, so looking forward to eating those! Here's some shots of the harvest..


baby beets

my broccoli! 

garden greens

hungarian peppers!



Welcome to my my first blog post on our new site! I thought it would be nice to have a journal of the things that inspire my work, as well as show some techniques i use and some of the process of creating my pieces. I'll jump right in..

Yesterday was a dye day. It had been far too long since i got my hands dirty and was eager to play! I had some lovely, light, airy, super summery, black rayon that i wanted to do some reverse shibori on. Reverse, meaning take the colour out by using  thiourea dioxide and shibori, being an ancient dye method using anything to stop the dye from reaching certain areas of the fabric. I decided to use folds this time, then bind it. It's tricky, often the liquid doesn't reach my deeper folds which means i have to do the process a few times over, refolding the fabric each time. I didn't think i would be blogging it so i don't have any shots of the fabric folded and bound but here is a shot of the fabric after dyeing and unfolded, ready to be washed and dried.

dye pot with my new favourite slippers.

After a few dye vats i'm done, the parts that keeping getting bleached are starting to go a colour i don't like. There are some beautiful usable parts of the fabric, sadly, there are parts that don't make the cut. That's the thing about dyeing, sometimes it works better than you could ever dream of and sometimes not. Next dye session- colour! I've been loving the reverse dyeing but am longing for colour mixing. I'll keep you posted on what this latest fabric will become, till then..


the day's work drying in the sun and hanging with my veggies.

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